Reasons why Chinese people like western holidays

Reasons why Chinese people like western holidays

Chinese like western holidays because they are the most influential holidays. Western holidays attract Chinese due to the way they are treated differently during the holidays hence feeling special. Chinese are clean, and this makes them look attractive in the western holidays. They encourage values such as love and gratitude that attracts members to celebrate the western holidays. Chinese are fashionable through their styles of dressing that is attractive in the western holidays. They encourage one another on how to follow the right values in life that guides them in their activities.

The only practice the Chinese care

The only practice the Chinese care about is thanks giving among the communities. Practices available makes them happy since they celebrate the western holidays productively. They like the holidays for they are just holidays that brings them joy and happiness. Chinese learn about team work and, celebrate the work they do together. These holidays bring promotions on jobs due to the increase number of jobs. Chinese are into the western holidays because they practice giving that is important to them during the celebrations in their culture.

They like to have fun and,

They like to have fun and, enjoy their time in the western celebrations. Chinese have festive celebrations and, makes them to be in the mood during the western holidays. They are unique and, they do not care about any religion due to embrace offered to the western holidays. Chinese use these holidays to attract customers who promote their products to earn money. They like western holidays, at the time they are held due to the safety provided. During the celebrations, Chinese experience a safe environment to have a good time. They have a festive time during the holidays that attracts other individuals to be happy with them.

Reasons why Chinese people like western holidays

Holidays are liked by Chinese because they can show their culture and, their way of life as they share opinions of other cultures. They can interact with individuals from other places and, share ideas that they used to promote their lives. Chinese do not appreciate their traditional festivals because they are required to do things that do not let them have fun. In western holidays, Chinese are instructed to have fun and, enjoy themselves where they can interact with individuals. Western holidays make the Chinese happy since these holidays have meaning and, there are ways to practice them. Chinese are free in the western holidays where they can play with their friends.

Western holidays have many activities that allows them to interact and, share love among themselves. Chinese believe that western holidays have equal chances for everyone hence welcoming the holidays. They can take time to rest from their normal lives and, have fun. Western holidays have fame that is popular and, Chinese liking them. Chinese celebrate the holidays since they add meaning in their lives and, gives them a reason to live. In western holidays, Chinese have good wishes for their family members and friends and, they believe that wishes are granted in the holidays.

These holidays are created with meaningful ways that attracts Chinese because they learn about life lessons hence improving it to be better. Chinese like the western holidays since they are famous and, they are embraced by many individuals around them hence changing the way they celebrate their traditional holidays. These holidays involve everyone to take part in the activities that are included in spite of life status. Every individual is treated fairly and, equally in western holidays hence promoting equality among the Chinese. Chinese are allowed to share what they have with the and, help them improve their lives hence growing their lives in the daily activities of experience.

In these festivals, Chinese can grow their businesses where they share ideas and, get customers that highly demand their products. Western holidays have grown popularly and, this has led to promotion of social life since they can interact freely. Holidays educate them on different ways of dressing, cooking and sheltering where they are free to communicate and, express their way of life. Social gatherings are created in the western holidays seasons that educates them on how to live depending on themselves through farming and, other productive ways. Western holidays bring happiness and, motivation to live a good life full of joy. Chinese appreciate the western holidays and, they make individuals feel special.