Zoom is not a Chinese company.

Zoom is not a Chinese company

An infectious disease recently sent the world into standstill with most activities being closed down due to the malady’s infectious nature. People needed a way to communicate through video conferencing, and important things like education had to take place despite this hitch. Zoom established itself as a company that provides these essential services, and individuals quickly rushed to the site so that they can communicate and learn. But how is such a site safe for children? This site has very limited restrictions and everybody can easily access it if you have bundles. Children are the ones at high-risk because most learning institutions have taken this method of learning seriously. The duty of safeguarding a child has been left to the parent.

Allegations have been tabled concerning the

Allegations have been tabled concerning the user information, and where and to who it is sent to. The claims suggest that the company shares its data with the Chinese government, and Zoom calls were rooted through China. These allegations were quickly refuted by the company’s spokesperson who said that the institution is US based, and like other companies it has branches all over. This response came after news agencies suggested that the firm is red-flagged by Indian authorities as unfit for children. Along with 50 other institutions, the firm is now facing hard times as reports suggest that they were in the government’s radar for some time over their close contact with China. None of the apps were banned, but they could be removed completely if these allegations were to be affirmed.

Zoom is prone to cyberattacks, and

Zoom is prone to cyberattacks, and the government’s recent move to label it as unsafe is not something wrong at all. All users were advised to be careful when using it, and watch out for prying eyes who view their virtual meetings. The spokesperson went ahead and said that the government of India never called them unsafe, but rather it was just safe practices improving digital hygiene in the country. They further said that the allegations were from the past encounter, and thereis no recent information suggesting that they are unsafe. This application is still being used but government officials are advised not to use it. Zoom has become successful during this period where people have to stay and work from home. Virtual meetings are highly advised considering the way this infectious disease is spreading.

Zoom is not a Chinese company

This app has good features like recording meetings, chatting and screen-sharing, and this has made it the best among the many available ones. Since it is highly used during this time, cyber criminals are quick to target it, and take user information without any authority. They do this through use of annoying music or even pornographic videos which are referred as Zoom-bombing. These facts considered, many questions are raised concerning the user privacy and data security. What alarms people more is the fact that family meetings and classes take place, and not even a password is there to ensure of information security. Some individuals may be inexperienced for such situations, and this content may affect children greatly. Due to children’s high level of curiosity, pornographic content affects them highly.

The site is not the only one affected by malicious individuals with other apps even closing down due to this activity. Measures need to be put in place to protect kids during this period, and one of them is ensuring user security. It is important that everyone involved do their part if this activity is to stop. Companies should be ready to partner with stakeholders, and find a way to contain, and eventually eradicate this act. Parents should be involved since they are the ones closer to the children. Personal information is private and no individual should feel as if they are being deprived of this. Meetings are supposed to be private, and Zoom should consider finding tougher measures to curb infringement of personal data.

All companies are capable of finding other means to communicate if the current one is hard. It is important to consider the length of the affected people due to these terrible persons who mean harm. Firewalls have to be put in place to avoid a possible hack by cyber terrorists, and anyone found to be doing this be arrested and face the law.

Firms like Zoom should ready to protect their users, it is not a request, it is a mandate they take.